On June 3, 2020

National Garden Week starts June 7

What a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the gifts of life that we all need to wake up our senses. Celebrate National Garden Week June 7-13, 2020. We are finally out of the cabin and able to tend our own lands, enjoy the sun and the sunsets and the wonders of nature.

The Rutland Garden Club is an all volunteer organization with the purpose of beautifying the City with gardens and flower shows. Founded in 1914, we are one of America’s first organized garden clubs. We now maintain19 Municipal Gardens and all of the Downtown Rutland seasonal planters and window boxes.

As we pass Memorial Day we are reminded of the Garden Club restoration and maintenance of the Blue Star Garden on Woodstock Avenue. Blue Star Memorials, started in 1945 by the National Garden Clubs, exist around the country to honor our military veterans. Ours is dedicated to WWII Army General, Leonard Wing, of Rutland.

A little recognized fact is that the Rutland Garden Club was paramount in the adoption of Vermont’s “No Billboard Legislation” which allows us to appreciate Vermont in its natural state. In 1968 we joined Alaska, Hawaii and Maine as the only four states in America with the courage to adopt this law.

Join us now in the appreciation of our beautiful state. Bring life, beauty, color and enjoyment to your own home and neighborhood as a partner with nature. Your participation can begin with even just one seed with a place to grow. The Rutland Garden Club will honor your efforts.

In the City of Rutland you may see our work, done in cooperation with the Department of Parks and Recreation, in the following locations. Look, learn and love.

Downtown Rutland Flower Boxes and Planters

Blue Star Highway Memorial Marker

Chaffee Art Center

Depot Park

Depot Park Leash

Depot Park Sign Area

Evelyn Street Triangle

Godnick Building

Godnick Circle

Godnick East Side

Godnick Woodstock Avenue

Godnick Gazebo Garden

Virginia Mitchell Crocus Garden

Green Mountain Boy

West Street Marble Garden

Police Station and Memorial

River Street Welcome Center Sign

Rutland Free Library

Vietnam Memorial

West Street Welcome Sign

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