On May 27, 2020

BRGNS plans to reopen thrift stores soon

LUDLOW—As Governor Scott eases restrictions on businesses, the staff at Black River Good Neighbors’ thrift stores has begun to plan a strategic reopening. No date has been set yet for either the actual reopening or for receiving donations. Some things are quite clear, however. Because the store has been closed there’s a surplus of inventory at this time and much of this has to be dealt with by returning employees. Also, the store must be adapted to deal with the Coronavirus and its dangers. This will all take some time, so the store will not open right away.

Also clear are some basic rules that will be refined once a date is set. No customer will be allowed in the store without a mask, and the number of customers in the store will be limited. Meanwhile, the food shelf and financial assistance operations continue. No person in the BRGNS service area should go hungry. BRGNS has plenty of nutritious food to distribute to people in Ludlow, Cavendish, Plymouth and Mount Holly. Anyone who needs food for any reason should call 802-228-3663 and make an appointment to pick up bags of groceries. Also, anyone in these towns having trouble paying rent or utility bills should call and request an appointment. BRGNS can help with such assistance as well. Stay tuned for more information on all of this by checking the BRGNS Facebook page and the website, brgn.org. The reopening date will be posted as soon as possible.

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