On April 8, 2020

Celebrate Spring with Baby Animals!

Follow the parade online at Billings Farm & Museum

WOODSTOCK—Celebrate springtime with a virtual parade of Baby Farm Animals at Billings Farm and Museum online, Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11 at billingsfarm.org. Through “Billings Farm at Home,” they bring their farm, history, cooking, crafts and events home to you! On Friday and Saturday, see fuzzy, baby chicks, adorable calves, and cute little lambs in sweaters! Find fun crafts and delicious farm recipes to make, and activities to download. Meet the animals and learn about life on the dairy farm through videos. Follow Billings Farm on Facebook and Instagram for cute animal photos and to see eggs hatching on the live incubator feed.

The Billings Farm & Museum is committed to providing educational opportunities and experiences to its visitors, whether here in Woodstock, Vermont or at home wherever you are.

Visit billingsfarm.org for downloads and more.

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