On March 25, 2020

Pine Hill Park asks you to protect its trails

RUTLAND — While going for a bike ride is a great form of social distancing, the people at Pine Hill Park urges you to stick to the pavement right now. Specifically, avoid the trails when temps are 25 degrees or warmer. They are too tender, especially south and west facing trails. Banked corners are always fragile too. Thank you for respecting all the hard work that volunteers do in the park.

Currently, we are in the freeze/thaw cycles which are common in March. The park is nowhere near ready to ride. Even fat bikes will be an issue until the freeze/thaw cycles end later this spring. Sunny days and open ground, especially on the south and west facing slopes, means the trails break apart easily. If the trails need repair in the spring, it will leave less time and energy to improve the rest of the trail system. Please respect all the hard work volunteers do in the park to make it such a great system.

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