On March 25, 2020

Jax online fundraiser brings in $1300 for Killington service workers

By Brooke Geery

The Idiots performed live at Jax Food and Games on Sunday, March 22. This time, the show was a bit different than normal though. There was no live audience in attendance — instead, about 1,400 people watched on Facebook live, making requests through the chat and making donations to Killington Relief, a fund to benefit Killington service workers.

“What’s good about this is it’s less bodies, but we’ll have a same amount of applause,” front man Rick Webb joked.

The show also served as birthday party for drummer Aaron Normand, complete with a drum cake from Megan Wagner at Dreammaker Bakers. The Idiots played three sets in total on Sunday.

All told, the event raised about $1,300 for the cause, and you can still Venmo donations to @Killington-Relief. If you missed it and need some punk rock in your life, the videos are available at facebook.com/jaxkillingtonvt. Stay tuned for more live online events from Jax in the future.

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