On March 18, 2020

Review: Why I enjoy my sandwich at Gill’s

Daily Bread by Rick Daily


Gills is located on Strongs Avenue in Rutland

Favorite dish?

Roast Beef Mini with horseradish and mayo on both sides, provolone cheese, tomato and onion on top and finished with pepper and their homemade oil, vinegar and spices mix.

What makes it unique?

They make it to order before your eyes, a proactive experience with back and forth between you and the maker. The sandwiches are huge. The smallest sandwich they make (the mini) still takes me two sessions to finish.

The signature vegetable topper is shredded cabbage. This crunchy ingredient is loved by most.

I think you love the food you grow up with, so if you grew up around here in the last 55-56 years (depending on who you ask) then you grew up eating oil drenched cabbage atop a savory hoagie. It tasted great then as it still does today. I grew up with jersey tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, fried onions and crushed cheery peepers on top of my submarine sandwich. It remains my favorite.

The side dishes, salads and deviled eggs are amazing. You pass them on the way to order and they are hard to resist, so don’t.

What is the scene?

A Rutland microcosm. There is always a line, I love watching the parade of people while eating in.

Best time to go?

It is always busy, but everything moves quickly.

Local tips?

Skiing day-trippers coming from the west stop on their way in and quickly get everything they need for the day, packed up nicely.

Talk to the staff, they are chatty and very friendly.

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