On June 21, 2017

Join VINS for artist reception at Collective

Thursday, June 22, 5 p.m.—QUECHEE—The Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) is proud to partner with Collective in Woodstock to introduce the artwork of Jim Maas. Collective will hold a reception on Thursday, June 22, 5-7 p.m., featuring his work and will be launching more of his pieces through September.

A retired Orthopedic Surgeon, Maas creates bird carvings from his favorite wood, tupelo, a soft wood native to Tupelo, Miss. The bases are made from basswood, walnut, manzanita, lilac, or cherry. Underscoring his ability to create avian habitat, he handcrafts all branches, leaves, flowers, rocks, and other elements of settings. Following an elaborate process of refinement to create details, such as feather patterns, Maas then begins painting with oils and/or acrylics. This is a painstaking procedure that requires multiple layers using either an air brush or individual brush strokes.

Maas’s practiced surgeon’s capability for fine hand-eye coordination is vital to capturing the realism of the bird he is carving. His awareness for the beauty of the natural world of birds has helped him create many award-winning carvings.

Five percent of Maas’s work that is sold during the reception will go to VINS.

Collective is located at 46 Central St., Woodstock. VINS is located at 6565 Woodstock Road, Quechee. For more information, visit birdsinwood.com.

Photo courtesy of VINS

“Stork” by Jim Maas is one of the many bird carvings created from tupelo wood, on display at Collective in Woodstock.

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