On March 29, 2017

SVM welcomes master knitter Carolyn Webb

Saturday, April 1, 2 p.m.—GRANVILLE, N.Y. – The Slate Valley Museum is excited to host Knitting in America, a lecture with Carolyn Webb Saturday, April 1 at 2 p.m. The talk will give a history of the craft and how it affected the home front. Did you know that, were it not for sock knitters during the early American wars, soldiers would have been without a needed supply to help win the war? Knitting has gone from necessities for survival to “hot pants” and beyond.  Come and learn about America’s knitters and have a look at how this fascinating craft came to America and how it has changed over the centuries.
“One of the fascinating things to me about knitting is how it has always mirrored what was happening in society. During the Revolutionary and Civil wars, knitters’ contributions were crucial for soldiers, and during the Great Depression, for instance, many knitters knit clothing out of necessity. The earliest generations of knitters in America would hardly recognize the craft of knitting today, and would be amazed at the kinds of yarns, needles, garments and even art that is created from the needles of knitters,” said Webb.
Webb, who lives in Bennington, has been a knitter for over 50 years, having learned from her mother when she was about 10. Over the years, she has taken many classes from nationally known knitter-designers, attended national workshops, worked in a local yarn store, and taught children and adults how to knit. Her interest in the history of knitting in America led to a sizable vintage collection including needles, crochet hooks and other tools, magazines, booklets, pictures, garments and other pieces, such as samplers, lace and trimmings.
Guests are encouraged to bring vintage pieces of knitting or crochet, along with stories to share with the crowd of knitting enthusiasts. Lecture is free with $5 admission cost. Slate Valley Museum is located at 17 Water St., Granville, N.Y.

Photo courtesy of SVM
A vintage sweater brochure is part of a collection of old knitting paraphernalia gathered by Carolyn Webb.

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