On January 11, 2017

New exhibit by Denise Letendre Bach opens in Brandon

Friday, Jan. 13 at 5 p.m.— BRANDON—Denise Letendre Bach is an artist, a mother, a native of Connecticut and now a Vermont resident – all aspects of what inspires her and the art that she creates. Her new photography exhibit at the Compass Music and Arts Center shows Vermont through her lens. Since moving here, she has embraced Vermont, fallen in love with the landscape, been hypnotized by Vermont architecture, and even learned to appreciate Vermont’s “fifth season”— mud season. Her exhibit, “Vermont: Ideals & Ordeals” opens Friday, Jan. 13 with an opening reception from 5-7 p.m.
For some, mud season is the ugliest season of the year. However, when Bach thinks of mud season, she knows its name is accurate and it does not disappoint, but she also sees that it has its own kind of aesthetic that can be found in the landscape’s muted shades, bony texture, and revealed lines. “There is beauty in the depleted, bleak scenery that speaks of inner strength and stamina in overcoming the elements,” she explains. She finds Vermonters’ view of mud season endearing and explains this with a humorous analogy: “Vermonters’ attitude towards mud-season is generally one of affectionate resignation, like the way you might feel when an old auntie comes for her annual visit; she’s slow, cantankerous, puts everyone out, even smells a bit, and pinches your cheek, but she’s family.”
The exhibit runs through Feb. 11, 2017.
The Compass Music and Arts Center is located in Park Village at 333 Jones Drive, Brandon. For more info, visit cmacvt.org.


Photo courtesy of CMAC
“Tilted Silo” by Denise Letendre Bach is part of her exhibit  “Vermont: Ideals & Ordeals” opening at Compass Music and Arts Center in Brandon on Friday.

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