On September 14, 2016

Chandler Film Society’s 7th season kicks off with documentarian Michael Moore

Sunday, Sept. 18 at 6:30 p.m.—Chandler Film Society enters its seventh year with film showings on the third Sunday of each month, lending an opportunity to see neighbors, watch a classic film, and discuss it afterwards. New this year, the society is presenting a different kind of program,  presenting four pairings of two films each: politics, food, the big screen, and westerns.
The politics portion will begin on Sunday, Sept. 18, with Michael Moore’s incisive, thought-provoking and very humorous documentary “Where to Invade Next?”, which takes as its theme social ideas in Europe that were inspired by American ideals.
October’s film date approaches Election Day, and will aptly show “The Manchurian Candidate” starring Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, and Angela Lansbury. It’s both a very dark comedy and an edge-of-your seat thriller.
Food is the topic this winter, with “Big Night” showing in November and “Babette’s Feast” in December.
Some films are just not meant to be seen on a small screen. That’s the principle behind the pairing of the January and February films: Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” and Steven Spielberg’s adventure epic “Raiders of the Lost Arc.”
Westerns are the theme come spring, with “Shane” in March and “High Noon” in April.
New members and sponsors are sought!
For more information, contact Emily Crosby at outreach@chandler-arts.org or 802-431-0204. Chandler Center for the Arts is located at 71-73 Main Street, Randolph.

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