On April 20, 2016

Learn to work with nature’s water cycles with local editor/writer Jan Lambert

Thursday, April 21 at 7 p.m. — LUDLOW — The Fletcher Memorial Library holds a slide show program presented by author and editor Jan Lambert in the Community Room, 88 Main Street, Ludlow.

Are you concerned about floods, droughts, violent  storms and rising temperatures in our region? If so, you are not alone! But there is a way we can all take positive action, in our own communities and on our own properties. It all has to do with how we manage our rainfall!

Jan Lambert, editor and writer for the locally distributed free monthly newsletter Valley Green Journal ,will share her slide show on water cycles, and the story of how she has come to be working partners with Michal Kravcik, world renowned  hydrologist and climate scientist of Slovakia, who has pioneered in his country a unique program of building many small catchments and ponds throughout urban and rural landscapes, which capture, infiltrate and evaporate precipitation back into the local, or small water cycle, particularly through trees and other plants. In 2015 she became his English language editor and co-author of “A Global Action Plan for the Restoration of Natural Water Cycles and Climate,” which is included in her book, “Water, Land and Climate—The Critical Connection” featuring about 20 contributors from around the globe. She subsequently co-presented with Kravcik at a Boston conference in October 2015.

Kelly Stettner, director of the local Black River Action Team (BRAT) and featured in Lambert’s book, will describe BRAT stormwater projects that bring together homeowners and town officials to solve water drainage problems in a way that benefits our landscape.

Lambert’s book will be available at the program through the Book Nook, 136 Main Street, Ludlow. For more info, visit www.valleygreenjournal.com.

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