On April 1, 2015

VSO musicians “Harp and Soul” to perform in two area schools       

Courtesy of VSO

Flutist Anne Janson and harpist Heidi Soons make up “Harp and Soul,” performing at are area schools on April 6.

Monday, April 6 — WELLS, KILLINGTON — The Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s “Harp and Soul” harp and flute duo will present performances in Wells and Killington on April 6, at 10:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m. respectively.

Flutist Anne Janson and harpist Heidi Soons make up the dynamic SymphonyKids duo, “Harp & Soul.” In their fresh and engaging program, they explain how the harp and flute work and sound, including some of their special effects (glissandos, etc.). Several different kinds of each instrument will be demonstrated, and audience participation encouraged. The musicians perform some familiar music and talk about how their instruments are used in orchestral music. A no-holds-barred question and answer period concludes the program.

These performances are part of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s statewide SymphonyKids education program, which reached nearly 31,000 schoolchildren last year with 272 presentations serving 201 schools in 165 different communities. The VSO’s traveling ensembles visit all corners of the state as part of an outreach program known as the Lois H. McClure “Musicians-in-the-Schools” Program. These lively concerts are met with overwhelming enthusiasm, as the musical ambassadors spread the word that classical music can be fun!

For more info, call 802-864-5741 ext. 16 or email amy@vso.org.

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