January 6, 2016

Welcome to the test track, the 2016 Ski Line


Atomic Skis have remained a staple at world cup races and that background continues to lead design. Atomic leads with 53 offerings – excluding rentals – offering remarkable depth and breadth.

All Mountain Vantage Series

The new Vantage Series reflects five unisex and three women’s models. Offering flat skis intended for skiers who play both on and off piste, the Vantage skis use tip and tail rocker and Firewall – a full sidewall to enhance edge grip. This series is intended to blend on piste performance with a playful powder option. Designed to balance flotation and edge hold, the wood core is enhanced with a titanium insert in three offerings that covers the length of the ski enhanced and all but two use a carbon mesh to add strength while reducing weight.

Vantage 100 CTI: Leading this series is the new 100 CTI featuring that carbon tank mesh for reduced weight with greater strength. With a waist of 100 and stunning graphics this new model is intended to be ideal in powder but solid on piste. It’s appearance is stunning and would seem a versatile off piste performer.

Waist 100 mm. Lengths: 172, 180, 188

Vantage 90 CTI: With a waist of 90mm this new model also uses the titanium backbone to enhance stability but with a narrower waist is more versatile. While this waist is more likely to appeal to Eastern skiers it is still wide for those who ski in the trees or woods.

Waist 90 mm. Lengths: 169, 176, 184

Vantage 85 CTI: Also new, the 85 CTI replaces the Panic and also boasts the titanium backbone in a narrower platform. With a 85mm waist, this ski balances a waist ideal here in the East with surprising stability.

Waist 85mm, Lengths: 165, 173, 181

Vantage 95 C: The 95 C is a new ski lacking the titanium backbone. While using the carbon tank mesh this model replaces the Vantage Theory, offering a versatility seemingly ideal for skiers cruising at modest or moderate speed and seeking a more forgiving nature. Versatility in the Vantage!

Waist 95mm, Lengths: 162, 170, 178, 186

Vantage 85: The 85 is the most versatile oin the series, using a light wood core but without the carbon tank mesh or titanium. This is a forgiving choice for aspiring skiers seeking versatility but who do not seek maximum speed.

Personal Pick The Vantage CTI 100 has stunning graphics and would seem a fabulous off piste powder ski.

All Mountain Nomad Series

The Nomad Series continues as a popular series targeted for skiers who largely ski on piste. Enhanced now with carbon tank mesh, these models use all-mountain rocker with 15 percent rocker in the tip to create a solid on-piste feel. With waist widths ranging from a nice 76 mm for rapid edge grip to 86 mm for those who seeking softer snow versatility, the nomads boast ARC technology, with only one mounting point, this is intended to allow the ski to flex more naturally.

Crimson TI: The Crimson TI has an 86mm waist, offers great versatility, and blends solid edge grip with easy turn initiation. It turns easily. Holds strongly. And could ski all conditions. From trees to carving this is a great daily driver. This is the widest in the series.

Waist 86mm, Lengths 170, 178,186

Blackeye TI: With a 81mm waist this skis is strong on hard snow and has an easy turn. It seems more forgiving than the Crimson TI, easier to turn, but is sufficiently powerful to appeal to all but the strongest all mountain chargers.  (There is also a Blackeye Model without Titanium).

Waist 81mm, Lengths 160,167,174,181

Smoke TI: With a 76mm waist, the Smoke TI is a deceptively strong ski seemingly tailored to intermediates and mellow experts looking for a forgiving  – smooth – ride, and the occasional fast cruise. Those seeking more forgiveness can also test the Smoke, which lacks titanium and boasts enhanced flexibility while seeming less powerful.

Waist 76mm, Lengths 157,164,171,178

Personal Pick: The Smoke TI seems ideal as a daily eastern ski.

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