December 17, 2015

Video: Rails 2 Riches 2015

Between the talent, the new venue, and the crowd Killington Resorts Rails 2 Riches this year was a must see event. Herb Highstreet breaks down the action at this years Rails 2 Riches.


Skier men:

1. Christian Franchino

2. Dale Talkington

3. Emile Bergeron

Best Trick: Emile Bergeron – Blind 3 Swap cannon to wallride transfer

Skier women:

1. Taylor Lundquist

2. Brooke Potter

3. Miranda Holson

Best Trick: Taylor Lundquist, 2 on 2 off the down rail

Snowboarder men:

1.       Jesse Paul

2.       Kael Hill

3.       Luke Haddock

Best trick Tim Major – cab 450 down flat down 2 out

Snowboarder women:

1.       Ari Morrone

2.       Lily Calabrese

3.       Lauren Tamposi

Best trick Lauren Tamposi – backside 270 dfd


Photo courtesy of Chandler Burgess

Video courtesy of Killington TV

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