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June 26, 2015

Vermont unemployment stays at 3.6 percent in May

By Sam Heller,

Vermont’s unemployment rate held steady at 3.6 percent in May, marking the state’s eighth consecutive month without an increase, according to a news release from the Vermont Department of Labor.

The national unemployment rate in May was 5.5 percent, a 0.10 percent increase from the previous month. Vermont is tied for fourth-lowest unemployment rating in the country.

Commissioner of Labor Annie Noonan said Vermont’s steady unemployment rate is reflective of a healthy and growing economy.

“Since July 2013, the Vermont economy has been steadily improving. This long period of economic growth has taken Vermont above pre-recessionary levels and into a period of economic expansion,” she said in a statement.

Seasonally adjusted data show the civilian labor force increasing by 300 people from the April estimate. The number of employed increased by 500 in May, and the number of unemployed decreased by 200, the release said.

Local unemployment rates ranged from 5.6 percent in Woodstock to 2.6 percent in the Burlington-South Burlington area.

“Vermont employers are looking for employees to grow their business,” Noonan said in the release. “Vermonters will be hearing more and more about job fairs and employment opportunities. If you want to learn about opportunities in your region, visit a local Vermont Department of Labor Career Resource Center.”

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