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June 17, 2015

Trail of the week: “Stegosaurus”

Trail of the week: “Stegosaurus”


By Tony Accurso

“Stegosaurus” is one of Pine Hill’s signature trails. This trail can be accessed from the Overlook trail or the Shimmer trail at Rocky Pond, intersection number 37 on the Pine Hill Park trail map. This trail flows best in this counter-clockwise direction; ride the trail clockwise for an additional challenge. This is considered by many to be the most technical trail on this system, and consists of rock gardens and tight technical switchbacks. There are two bridges on this trail. The Hourglass Bridge, located at intersection 35, gets its name from its shape, wider at the ends and narrower in the center. There is a step down and step up where it narrows, creating an additional challenge and requiring good balance to navigate. The second bridge, Serpentine, is a raised bridge approximately three feet wide, which zig-zags back and forth over a sometimes swampy area. Connect with the trail Strong Angel for a fun, challenging ride.

Tony Accurso is the owner of Alpine Bike Works and Fat Bikes of Vermont located at 2406 Route 4 in Killington.

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