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November 4, 2014

Town of Bridgewater Election Results

Notable wins: Welch, Milne, Scott, Pearce, Sorrell, McCormack, Tate

US Representative:
Peter Welch 176
Mark Donka 106
(Other three candidates under 10 votes)

Scott Milne 146
Peter Shumlin 134
Dan Feliciano 5
(Other four candidates under 10 votes)

Lt. Governor:
Phil Scott 165
Dean Corren 123
Marina Brown 5

State Treasure:
Beth Pearce 160
Don Schramm 59
Murray Ngoima 35

Attorney General:
William Sorrell 149
Shane McCormack 117
Roasemarie Jackowski 6

State Senators:
Dick McCormack 173
Alice Nitka 168
John Campbell 162

State Rep:
Job Tate 152
Anne Gallivan 133

Assistant Judge:
Jack Anderson 215
Ellen Terie 146

State’s Attorney:
Michael Kainen 244

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