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November 30, 2015

The Clear River Tavern is under “new” management, sees renovations for atmosphere improvement

The Clear River Tavern is under “new” management, sees renovations for atmosphere improvement

By Robin Alberti

The Clear River Tavern staff this season is made up of Buffy Stevens, Taylor Stugart (Head Chef), Jesse Stugart, Asia Hickory, Paul Grindel,Whalen Layne and Doug and Kathianne Mianulli.

PITTSFIELD—The Clear River Tavern is under “new” management. Doug Mianulli has been an institution and bartender at The Clear for 16 years, and now he is the new manager. His experience working at the tavern for so long puts him a great position to make decisions on improving the atmosphere at The Clear. The dining room and bar have had a facelift, including new flooring and a copper-topped bar. The menu was updated as well.  However, old favorites are still there, like their steak sandwiches, burgers and pizza, but the menu now includes daily fish specials, more salads and other healthy items, too.

One of the reasons that The Clear River Tavern has been in business for over 40 years is that people feel comfortable there, Mianulli explained. Being a resort area, there are locals and there are “locals,” he continued. “We have folks who come back every year to ski, ride and snowmobile in the winter, or to mountain bike, golf, fish and cruise on their motorcycles in the summer. They think of The Clear as their home-away-from-home bar.”

One of the reasons the atmosphere feels inviting is the staff works as a team; they feel more like a family than simply coworkers, many said. “We are a team, a family. I trust their judgment,” Mianulli said.

The Clear River Tavern is open seven days a week, from 3 p.m. until close. Once the winter season gets rocking, they will be open for lunch on the weekends, too. The VAST trail runs through the backyard, so it is a hot spot for many snowmobilers. Whalen Layne, who works the bar, says his favorite thing at The Clear is the pool tables. A pool league will begin shortly and will take place on Wednesday nights, every Thursday is Open Mic Night, live music entertains patrons on the weekends, and Monday you can come listen to Clay Canfield and Pat, who hail from Nashville and play country music.

The Clear River Tavern is located on Route 100 in Pittsfield, Vt.

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