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News Briefs
June 14, 2017

Police investigating sexual assault in two towns

By Stephen Seitz

CHESTER—Police in Chester and Ludlow are investigating what may be a series of sexual assaults in those towns, allegedly by a high school student at Green Mountain Union High School.

Asked about this, Ludlow police chief Jeffrey Billings said, “I can’t comment…

Local News
April 19, 2017

Unification vote fails for seven towns

Royalton voted “no”; a “yes” vote was necessary for school board merger to pass By Evan Johnson

School district officials and community members are looking for a way forward after a plan to unify seven towns into three “side-by-side” districts in central Vermont failed last…

Local News
March 22, 2017

Two towns reject school merger

By Stephen Seitz

BARNARD—Act 46 is getting off to a creaky start, at least for some. The law, which went into effect in 2015, has the goal of merging Vermont’s school districts in the hope of providing better education, as well as get a better…

Four Upper Valley towns vote against NewVistas development
Local News
March 15, 2017

Four Upper Valley towns vote against NewVistas development

By Erin Mansfield, VTDigger

Four towns in the Upper Valley of Vermont are opposing a Utah man’s plan to build a giant development that could eventually hold 1 million people right in their backyards. Residents voted Tuesday, March 8, by Australian ballot in Royalton (123 to…

Op - Ed
September 28, 2016

Rutland’s strife over refugee status is every town’s concern

By Angelo S. Lynn In Rutland, the struggles that town and city have gone through in its reckoning to become a refugee resettlement site provide important lessons other Vermont communities seeking similar refugee status should consider. For starters, Vermont residents should know the national refugee…

Local News
August 18, 2016

Act 46 by the numbers: Merger votes are in

By Tiffany Danitz Pache, VTDigger.org An overwhelming majority of towns that have voted so far have chosen to unite with neighboring towns to create larger governance structures for their schools. Districts around the state are studying whether to merge with neighboring districts as part of a…