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May 10, 2018

Marijuana legalization will affect road safety

Dear Editor,

Drivers impaired by opioids, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs pose a threat to every Vermonter and visitor that drive our highways. On July 1, Vermont will become the ninth state to legalize recreational marijuana. Even proponents of legalization acknowledge that driving while high…

Local News
December 14, 2017

Governor takes half-step toward weed legalization

By Alan Keays, VTDigger

Gov. Phil Scott says he will stand by his commitment to support legislation that would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in Vermont.

“I made that commitment. It’s a libertarian approach,” the governor said Dec. 1 during an interview…

Op - Ed
February 11, 2016

Patrick Kennedy: Say “No” to marijuana legalization

The epidemic of drug addiction and overdoses gripping Vermont, and our country at large, cries out for reform. We must change the perception that jail is an effective treatment for the disease of drug addiction, and give mental health issues the attention and funding they…

Economy still the most important issue, Vermonters say
State News
October 2, 2015

Economy still the most important issue, Vermonters say

Figure. 1. Vermonters’ views on the most important issue facing their state. The economy makes up fully one third of responses.

Figure. 2. Importance of three major issue areas, by age

Figure 3. Illustrates the relative differences in name recognition among the candidates and potential…