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March 9, 2016

To find hope, look around you

By Lee H. Hamilton These are very unhappy times in Washington. Relations between the executive and legislative branches are not just sour, but corrosive. Partisan paralysis and game-playing on Capitol…

Op - Ed
February 11, 2016

How to tell if Congress is working again

How to tell if Congress is working again By Lee H. Hamilton There have been encouraging signs that the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill wants to make Congress function again….

January 18, 2016

Government needs to work better

By Lee H. Hamilton Whoever wins next November’s presidential election, it’s a sure bet that at some point he or she will vow to set the federal government on the…

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January 12, 2016

A very tough job

By Lee H. Hamilton You know who I feel sorry for? Today’s politicians. You’ll laugh at this, but hear me out. This is a very tough time to be a…

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September 9, 2015

On voting… and not

By Lee H. Hamilton The campaigning for next year’s elections is starting to draw more attention, and with it comes a focus on voters and their mood. Which is all…

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August 14, 2015

This time was supposed to be different

By Lee H. Hamilton The most important function Congress serves is to debate and pass the federal budget. I know—it also levies taxes, imposes or relaxes regulations, and once in…