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State News
December 26, 2018

33 school districts file appeal against board of education

A group of Vermont school districts, community leaders, and citizens will filed an appeal Thursday, Dec. 20 against the State Board of Education, the Vermont Agency of Education, and the Secretary of Education. Attorneys for the appeal say that a preliminary injunction and a stay…

Local News
September 12, 2018

Reading parents protest over potential loss of school

By Curt Peterson

READING—The Windsor Central Modified Unified Union School District Board (WCMUUSD) voted to remove one full-time teacher from Reading’s faculty, necessitating grade reconfiguration and inspiring several teachers and parents to protest at the board’s August meeting.

Reading voters, notoriously…

Local News
August 29, 2018

Barnard could be forced to join WCMUU school district

By Curt Peterson

BARNARD—The Agency of Education published its long-awaited draft of “Default Articles of Agreement,” the adoption of which will be considered by the state Board of Education on or before Nov. 30.

The Default Articles, required by ACT 49, will apply to any…

Local News
August 22, 2018

Barnard, Orwell fight school consolidation

By Curt Peterson

In June the Agency of Education made “recommendations” for over 90 local school districts that wish to avoid consolidation with merged districts under ACT 46. AoE recommended 18 districts for “forced merger.”

The final decision will be made by the state Board…

News Briefs
October 11, 2017

Lakes Region

By Lani Duke

Act 46: Rupert, Pawlet approach the 11th hour

Saying that students with low financial resources would be at a disadvantage compared to their peers from higher-income families, the Vermont State Board of Education rejected the Act 46 merger that would have Rupert…