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State News
November 21, 2018

Airbnb generates $7.8 million in tax revenue for Vermont

Since reaching its tax agreement with Vermont two years ago, Airbnb has remitted more than $7.8 million in taxes.

Airbnb automatically collects and remits this tax, providing a significant boost to state coffers while making the process seamless for individuals and families who share their…

Local News
October 24, 2018

Too big to rent? Public hearing on VRBOs postponed

By Katy Savage

A public hearing before the Killington Development Review Board about a Killington rental home was called off moments after it started Oct. 17.

Attorney Pat Burke, who represented several property owners in the Cricket Hill Community at the meeting,…

Local makes camping a luxury with Tentrr
September 12, 2018

Local makes camping a luxury with Tentrr

By Katy Savage

HUBBARDTON—Kurt Schneider calls his campsite Restoration at Cattail Cove. It sits on an edge of his lakeside property in Hubbardton, surrounded by trees and occasional blue herons at the edge of the water.

It features a queen-size, extra thick…

State News
July 11, 2018

New law regulates short-term rentals

In an attempt to close a tax loophole enjoyed by operators of short-term rentals such as Airbnb, and to assure visitors and paying guests of safe and sanitary conditions, the Vermont General Assembly passed Act 10, requiring that certain conditions must be met.

Effective July…