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July 22, 2015

Rosemary’s restaurant opens for the summer

By Robin Alberti and Polly Lynn

KILLINGTON — On Friday, July 17, the Inn at Long Trail officially opened its dining room for summer visitors. “Rosemary’s” as the dining room was recently named, will be open Fridays and Saturdays 6-9 p.m. in addition to McGrath’s Irish Pub, which is open seven days a week serving food from 11a.m. to 9 p.m.

“This is the first time we’ve opened the dining room in the summer other than for special events,” said Patty McGrath who owns and manages the Inn with her husband Murray. “We are excited to offer a new dining experience to visitors who only come up in the summer.”

The dining room is named after Rosemary McGrath, Murray McGrath’s mother, who established the inn as the Inn at Long Trail with her husband Ky in 1977. (It was formerly the Long Trail Lodge.)

“We wanted to bring attention to our dining room attention and to honor Rosemary,” said McGrath. “[Rosemary] is her name and an herb, which is also kind of fun,” she added.

Rosemary’s has been open for the past few weeks, but quietly, McGrath explained. They officially christened Rosemary this past weekend, which coincided with the Wine Festival. Rosemary’s was one of 13 local restaurants on the Killington Wine Trail and offered visitors a Vermont cheese platter paired with Besllum Spanish red wine this past Friday.

Summer fare

The summer menu in Rosemary’s dining room features more upscale offerings than the pub fare, as it does in the winter season. Chef Reggie Serafin prepares Vermont-oriented cuisine using fresh local ingredients with specials daily, McGrath said. “Items include corn beef and cabbage, Long Trail Ale barbecue pork ribs, hand cut filet of beef, pan seared salmon, shrimp and artichoke with penne pasta as well as appetizers and Reggie’s Inn-made ice creams and sorbets,” she noted.

Chef Reggie Sarafin has put a unique spin on some traditional Irish dishes, which is to be expected. He combines ingredients like a composer arranges music, letting each flavor show through. The tomato and cucumber relish that tops the pan seared salmon, smoked bacon and mushroom ragout that is served with the hand cut filet of beef, and the fire-roasted strawberry and white balsamic glaze that complements Maple Leaf Farm’s semi-boneless duck, are all particularly well-crafted accompaniments.

Patty McGrath’s favorite dish is the truffled wild mushroom risotto. The melt-in-your-mouth creaminess of the risotto, along with the various textures of mushrooms, definitely makes this dish a “must try.”

For a sweet finish, try the coconut ice cream or the strawberry sorbet. Both were delightful.

The dining room is both classy and comfortable, the lighting intimate, and the service and food delightful.

Rosemary’s will be open through the fall foliage season, reopening (as always) for Thanksgiving and the winter ski season, now with a new name!

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