May 5, 2016

Racing in the rain

Racing in the rain

By Jerry LeBlond
ROCHESTER — On Sunday, May 1, six teams and five individuals participated in the Disastour Race held in Rochester. The annual fundraising event for Rochester Area Sports Trail Alliance (RASTA) was a triathlon event challenging competitors to bike, paddle and run. It began at Rochester’s Main St. Park. Bikers set off on an 800-foot, 11-mile climb on dirt roads into Rochester’s Hollow, ending with a searing downhill to the village of Hancock. There, the competitors transitioned to a water craft of their choice (kayak, canoe, or SUP boards) for a 4-mile paddle downstream on the White River back to Rochester where the final stage was a 3-mile field run to a finish that welcomed the drenched contestants and volunteers to a wood-fired oven pizza and Lawson’s Finest brews.
Individual results:
Marilyn Ruseckas with a time of 1:51
Zac Freeman with a time of 1:56
Josh Ferris with a time of 2:33
Adam Bindrum with a time of 2:34
Simona Talos Bindrum with a time of 2:34
Team results:
McDonnell’s and Friends with a time of 1:37
Vt Sports Connection with a time of 1:37
Whitney Tree Service with a time of 1:42
Ketchel with a time of 1:47
Feel the Bern with a time of 1:48
Watch This with a time of 2:01
For more info see full story at mountaintimes.info.

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