June 9, 2016

Okemo Valley Golf Club men’s league results, May 31

LUDLOW – The Okemo Valley Golf Club Men’s league played May 31 with a match-play format on the front nine. Asserting themselves as the team to beat and opening a nine-point lead in the overall standings was Diamond Realty as they once again grabbed the top spot. Roger Danyew, JP Rousse, Ed Whitman and Fra Devine combined to win 24 holes. Built Rite Mfg. took second as Ed Richter, Scott Howard, John Boehrer and John Pick combined to win 21 holes. Third place went to UBS Rutland. Bill Bruno, PJ Garvey, John Taylor and Tom Harris combined to win 19.5 holes. Closest to the pin winners were JP Rousse and Bob Higgins.

Weekly Results:

  • 1st Diamond Realty 24 holes won/15 pts.
  • 2nd Built Rite Mfg.. 21 holes won/13 pts.
  • 3rd UBS Rutland 19.5 holes won/ 11pts.
  • 4th Knight Tubs 19 holes won/10 pts.
  • 5th Bensons Chevrolet 19 holes won/9 pts.
  • 6th M&M Excavating 17 holes won/8 pts.
  • 7th Honey Dew Man 17 holes won/7 pts.
  • 8th Green Mountain Appraisals 16.5 holes won/6 pts.
  • 9th Engel & Voelkers Realty 15 holes won/5 pts.
  • 10th Stryhas Builders 12 holes won/4 pts.

Season Standings:

  • 1st Diamond Realty 49 pts.
  • 2nd Knight Tubs 40 pts.
  • 3rd Bensons Chevrolet 39 pts.
  • 4th M&M Excavating 37 pts.
  • 5th Honey Dew Man 36 pts.
  • 6th Green Mountain Appraisals 35 pts.
  • 7th Engel & Voelkers Realty 33 pts.
  • 8th Built Rite Mfg. 31 pts.
  • 9th Stryhas Builders 27 pts.
  • 10th UBS Rutland 25 pts.

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