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March 8, 2017

Killington Aquatic Club goes the distance

Killington Aquatic Club goes the distance

On March 1, the Killington Aquatic Club with 34 swimmers swam for 2 hours to complete a very successful Swim-A-Thon at Pico Sports Center. Many of the older swimmers swam up to 3 miles in the two hours, while the younger swimmers (as young as age 5) swam the most laps they ever had without stopping. Maggie Knox, age 8 swam just short of a mile with 60 laps. Many of the older swimmers reached goals of swimming 200 laps. Sophia Nisimblat, Pippa Scott, Paige Fieldhouse, Heidi Alf, Otto Nisimblat, and Phoebe Sargeant all swam over 2 miles each. The team raised over $2,000 to help support Senior Scholarships for 2017 and the future.

Photo by Kim Peters
Swimmers with the Killington Aquatic Club smile after their 2-hour Swim-A-Thon event at the Pico Sports Center.

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