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January 17, 2018

January 10, 2018


"It was 14 degrees below zero today. What’s the one piece of clothing
or gear you need, to be out on a day like this?"

Mike Leach, Meghan McKellar

“This balaclava has been amazing today. Keeping my face and neck warm-ish is on the top of my list. If my face is cold, I’m cold all over.”
- Mike Leach

“Hand warmers are where it’s at. I put them in my boots and my gloves.”
- Meghan McKellar

Joe Busch
“You need a face-warmer on a day like today. I have this thing, I think it’s called a balaclava, to keep my face and beard nice and warm.”
- Joe Busch
Jessica Black
“What are those things called that go around your head and neck? I’m only wearing one pair of socks but if it weren’t for that mask I wouldn’t be enjoying this waffle right now.”
- Jessica Black

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