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January 5, 2016

Evergreen Slate Co. hits 100-year mark, 1916-2016

The Evergreen Slate Co., Inc., one of the largest producers and suppliers of domestic natural slate roofing in the United States, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2016.

The company was founded in Granville, N.Y., in 1916 by the Hicks family, who emigrated to the United States from Great Britain. The company owns slate quarries in adjacent Rutland County, Vt., too.

Evergreen Slate Co. Inc. is a founding member of the Vermont Slate Quarry Association, Inc., and the Slate Valley Museum, 17 Water St., Granville, N.Y.

The company’s current president, Fred Whitridge, and corporate secretary, Bob Jenks, are committed to excellence as the company enters its second century of operation, while also championing innovation and the continual improvement of current operation standards.

“Evergreen Slate is committed to raising the profile of Vermont-quarried slate and appreciates the time and efforts of the many who have visited our quarries and mill operations,” said Phil Prehoda, sales manager.

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