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October 17, 2014

Dancing With the Rutland Stars Part 1

Dancing with the Rutland Stars

Video and editing by PEGTV

Featuring Performances by:

Shana Louiselle and Chris Kiernan,
“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”

Rob Bliss and Kristen Chapman

Masters of Ceremony: Terry Jaye, Michael Valentine, and Eric Mallette

Judges: Bruce Bouchard, Rob McClellan, and Mary Powell

Participants: Elias Hajj and Ana Araguas, Brent Godnick and Sam Ho, Sheriff Stephen P. Benard and Jill Corey; Eric Marsh, M.D. and Tracy Tedesco, William Kelley and Polly Lynn; Rob Bliss and Kristen Chapman; Chris Kiernan and Shana Louiselle. — with elias Hajj, Ana Araguas, Brent Godnick, Sam Ho, Stephen Benard, Eric Marsh, Tracy Tedesco, William Kelley, Polly Lynn, Rob Bliss, Kristen Chapman, Chris Kiernan and Shana Louiselle

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