August 14, 2014

Bear hunting seminar held, Aug. 16

CASTLETON – In an effort to increase interest in bear hunting, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department will hold a free “Getting Started in Bear Hunting” seminar at the Kehoe Conservation Camp in Castleton on Saturday, Aug. 16.

“Bears can be challenging to hunt, but hunters who know where to look for them and how to hunt them can greatly improve their success rate,” said John Pellegrini, hunter education training coordinator for Fish & Wildlife.

Bear biologist Forrest Hammond will lead topics on bear biology, hunting tactics, regulations, and field dressing. He will also share a few bear recipes.

Members of the Vermont Bearhound Association will demonstrate how hounds can be used in bear hunting. James Roy will speak on still hunting and stand hunting for bears, and Rodney and Theresa Elmer, taxidermists, will demonstrate the skinning and trophy preparation of a black bear.
“Now is an excellent time to learn how to bear hunt,” said Hammond. “Vermont’s bear population is high which means that the opportunity for success is very good.”

This free seminar will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Bring lunch Register online at

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