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Winter solstice is climatic

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Moon that will be sitting in the late degrees of Capricorn until it moves into Aquarius.

The next 10 days will bring us to the Winter Solstice. This period of time is climactic, in the sense that it lines the pathway that will lead us out of the darkness, into the light. If the events on the world stage make us wonder if that concept even makes sense, it may have something to do with the fact that the darkest hour is always right before the dawn.

There is the expectation that the holiday season automatically sweeps all of our cares away; this isn’t the way it goes for many of us. This part of the yearly cycle is analogous to what happens right before a baby leaves the womb to enter a reality that it has absolutely no familiarity with. All of us are in the space of not knowing what lies on the other side of being born again – and right now, there is so much foment jostling the outer reality, our sense of what might happen next is being addled by the feeling that everything we hold dear is on the line.

It might help to talk a little bit about what happens at the Solstice Point.

Anyone who studies astrology knows that the charts for the big cross-quarters are essentially “world charts” that map out possibilities, not just for individuals, but for all of us. As you may know, I am partial to Martha Lang-Wescott’s research. About a week ago, her monthly newsletter arrived with a raft of information about the horoscope for the upcoming Winter Solstice. Instead of paraphrasing her words, I am choosing to quote them directly from her report – because they seem right on the money for me, and for what’s going on in my world, and I am pretty sure they will hit home for all of you. It’s interesting to note that there are a lot of health related aspects. Here we go:

Cardinal signs

“Libra: Hades, Rx/Psyche: Days of depression are likely; there can be times when, without full awareness, the feelings are overwhelmed by, or dwelling in the past or more current difficulties.  The mind and feelings are registering an undercurrent of problems.

“Capricorn:  Neptune/Requiem: Right now (and for the last few months maybe,) you just don’t know what to accept, what to get used to and when to stop struggling with yourself, life or others.  Neptune is presenting things that aren’t certain or that cause fragility.  That doesn’t mean you have to accept standing in that line!  Yes, you’re Tender and that deserves an Embrace, but, easy does it!

“Cancer:  Aesculapia/Kalypso: Diagnoses are strained at this time due to the fact that something isn’t obvious and is somewhat hidden.

“Capricorn:  Pluto/Psyche: For some, the (Psyche) mental-emotional state will be bubbling up from a deep part in the history; at times, it may feel as though control of the emotions has been lost.  That there may be a psychological catharsis happening is little comfort.

“Capricorn: Pluto/Cupido: The sense of family, connection or community is undergoing powerful change; family or relationship roles can be shifting and it’s a time to reach deep inside yourself to see the psychological truth of your upbringing and relationship dynamics.

“Cancer:  Hades, Rx/Vulcanus: As well as observing the odd charisma and power of the more vulgar folks in the world these days, this is a time to see that there are times when you HAVE TO deal with messes, problems, dirt or details.  It’s a time to reckon with the power of disease or problems as they affect your life.

“Capricorn: Psyche/Sphinx: Psyche represents the emotions and the psychological ‘wounds’ and scars one carries.  Here, Sphinx has questions; it might not understand what’s going on emotionally.  It can be asking: “Why do you feel so hurt?  When did that happen or who spurred that reaction?

“Libra: Neptune/Nemesis, Rx: When Nemesis is retrograde, it makes it extra hard to determine the cause of problems and who or what’s AT FAULT. Now imagine adding hazy-cloudy-misty Neptune to that!  Seeing through the dense fog to really know what’s wrong…?  Maybe not right now!

Fixed signs

“Taurus: Aesculapia/Valentine, Rx: Ordinarily, this would point to medical concerns about the heart or reproductive system, but with Valentine being retrograde, something’s not just as it seems.  There’s a possible complication or misreading of the problem.

Leo: Hades, Rx/Pythia: As you look towards the future…it sucks, right?  Try to know that this viewpoint can be wrong – despite some of the difficult signs right now.

“Taurus: Aesculapia/Nemesis, Rx: For a time, determining exactly what’s going on with health carries a smidgen of uncertainty.  The source or cause of a medical problem just does have the possibility of error now. What’s ‘to blame’ for symptoms may not be easily seen.

“Aquarius:  Neptune/Pluto: Things are changing–and, thanks to Pluto, probably in some deep and important ways.  It’s just that Neptune is masking some of it (or Pluto is working on vulnerabilities and you won’t be completely clear on that for a while.)  You want to think of Neptune too as an indication of your immune system and Pluto as your metabolism and guts.

Do favors for both!

“Leo Aesculapia/Malpighi:  The combination of these energies can indicate the experience of blood tests, but it can also accent the condition of the lungs and respiration.  While Malpighi can also signal the need for attention to connective tissue (and diseases of same,) the more common concern has to do with the lungs, congestion and breath pattern.

“Taurus: Aesculapia/Hades, Rx: As well as some deterioration in the health, the medical situation can be a cause for dismay – if not, in fact, actual depression.  The health can be subject to viral, fungal or bacterial problems, but the guts may not be in great shape either.

“Taurus:  Aesculapia/Kronos, Rx: The suggestion here is contact with a medical specialist (and not just your GP.)  There can be awareness that a diagnosis is “an opinion” – and only that.

Mutable signs

“Virgo: Hades, Rx/Requiem: It’s dandy to use Requiem to be ‘at peace with’ aspecting points but…should you be okay about ‘Hades’ when it might be something that’s a mistake or that’s dragging you down?  To use Requiem to ‘accept’ a problem or disease…yeah, there can be a time for that.  But is it Now?

“Virgo:  Aesculapia/Pluto: The health can be demanding a return to personal authenticity – truly being who and what you are – and what you want to be!  For some, the medical condition may be such that the patient has to feel some control over what is happening in their medical care.

“Sag:  Neptune/Pythia: Pythia can’t be sure of results anyway, but you add Neptune and, oh boy! There’s something nebulous, fragile, uncertain or downright hidden and deceptive that makes any kind of certainty about the future…uh, uncertain!  It’s time to live One Day at a Time!

“Virgo:  Aesculapia/Ophelia: While you can well hear of autoimmune diseases now, also expect to see people have “inappropriate” reactions to a medical issue.  This means they may go overboard about it, but they could also diminish a diagnosis–and treat it as though it weren’t important.

“Virgo:  Harvery/Hades, Rx: As well as hormonal imbalances or shifts (that are causing problems,) there can be difficulties for the heart or blood circulation. As well as things like venous insufficiency, disease that affect the blood can also occur.

“Virgo:  Neptune/Minerva: In some cases, the way to get approval is to be seen as suffering, compassionate, delicate or susceptible. On other days, you realize that someone’s desire to please (or to be seen as such) invited pretense.

“Virgo:  Atlantis/Hades, Rx: Atlantis can have its own sense of ‘impending doom.’  Add Hades (disease, deterioration, depression or the specter of The Past) and – oh man!  You can also see – with this midpoint – Poseidon – that the media does, in fact, use the Atlantis to invade someone’s privacy and reveal (Hades) stuff about their past…that they aren’t proud of and is an attempt to shame or embarrass them!

“Virgo:  Aesculapia/Neptune: There can be weakness and a desire to stay in bed (and pull the covers over your head) due to illness.  There may be congestion, moments of confusion or dependence and changed sleep patterns.  Because the statement here is also Aesculapia/Neptune = Psyche, there can be times when you question the emotional impact of being sympathetic to one who is ill but you also recognize that illness can have a powerful emotional impact.  It can really slam a person!

“Lots of folks are having troubles these days, so I hope you’re doing alright.”

What do you make of all of this? Does it hit the nail on the head? It does for me, and it seems to fit all of the people I have been talking to lately.

I hope that some of what’s written here is useful to you, and that you take what you can from it, and from this week’s ‘scopes.

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