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Windsor County senate candidates pledge to address constituents’ concerns

By Curt Peterson

Incumbent Democrat Sens. Alison Clarkson of Woodstock and Richard McCormack of Bethel are running against Democrat Rebecca White and Republicans Dana Colson, Jr and Alice Flanders for three Windsor County Senate seats. All candidates will be represented in the primary election on Aug. 9 with division in the November midterm election.

Clarkson said her constituents list their issues as housing, workforce development, gun violence, climate change, threats to democracy, and affordable childcare. She believes federal funds can help meet these challenges. Her goal as senator is “To protect Vermont, its people, its environment and its businesses,” by achieving carbon reduction targets, incentivizing housing solutions, coordinating workforce development, reducing gun violence, guaranteeing reproductive services access, and developing sustainable financing for childcare.

Colson, Jr. of Sharon cites stressful economic conditions, over-regulation of business, high taxes, defunding independent schools, and Second Amendment rights as major issues among the most critical issues.

Bringing business experience to the job, his goal is to make the state “affordable, safe and business-friendly,” she said.

Flanders of Hartford was a Navy engineer and teacher. She opposed the Black Lives Matter movement and believes culture and society are on the wrong track, as a Black woman feels there is no systematic racism in Vermont, according to the Valley News. Flanders is opposed to no-cost education. She does not attribute climate change to human behavior, but supports solar energy.

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