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When does life begin?

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a late Virgo Moon, a moon that will turn Void-of-Course in that sign and remain in that mode until it moves into Libra at 8:29 p.m. on Monday night. The big astrological “hoo-doo” right now centers around the upcoming opposition from Mars to transiting Pluto and Saturn; most of the astrologers who make it their business to talk about these things are focused on that transit.

This time around, those aspects will be active between June 15 and June 20, right up until the Summer Solstice. While for sure, this is no small thing, Mars is a relatively fast moving planet. With a cycle that spins it once around the zodiac every two years, it formed the same aspect to Pluto for a few days back in July 2017, and it opposed Saturn for a few days in late May of the same year. What makes it a big deal this time is less about Mars and more about the long term conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.

If I were to put this transit in a nutshell I would say that it is a reality check that gives all of us an opportunity to see what our personalities and our egos are after,  on the same page with what our higher selves need us to be aiming for at this moment in time. The opposition indicates that our egos are acting like babies at a time when the deeper part of who we are needs to snap out of it, deal with the truth whether we like it or not, and grow up.

Whether we can get that to happen, personally and collectively, is open to question right now. Mars happens to be weak in Cancer. Pluto and Saturn are strong in Capricorn so they have the upper hand. The problem with Mars when he’s in a weakened state is that he tends to dramatize things with a lot of tantrums, and fireworks, and false flag responses that waste our precious time and distract us from what matters. Who knows how Pluto and Saturn will respond to it? Let’s hope that they are strong enough to get Mars to put on his big-boy pants and grow up.

Speaking of growing up: All of this reminded me of a conversation between a couple of Millennials that I happened to overhear a few days ago; one of them was pro life and the other was pro choice. They were arguing about “When does life really begin?” The pro-choice advocate insisted that a human being isn’t really alive until they take their first breath, and the pro-life person argued that life begins at the moment of conception.

Listening to them, I had one of those moments where I was so glad to be older and wiser. I was just as aware that little knowledge is a dangerous thing and that it is foolhardy to argue about things that we know nothing about. I say this because there is a branch of astrology that very few astrologers are familiar with. Known as pre-natal astrology, it is a system that breaks the cycle of human life into 49 epochs. Thirty-two of those epochs are postnatal; 16 of them are prenatal; the 17th chart is the birth chart. The charts that are erected prior to birth outline the process and the lessons that attend the soul’s materialization, or the soul’s descent into matter. They chronicle the contracts that each of us sign with God, and with our higher selves prior to conception, and during the period of gestation.

All of this begs us to realize that the birth process is not a purely biological thing; neither is it random or arbitrary. The business of incarnating on the Earth plane involves a complex series of choices and decisions, or agreements that allow the human soul to bridge the gap between the karma that has accumulated in the past lives, and the experiences that will help it to evolve and grow closer to the Source in the upcoming incarnation.

We can’t cover this subject in its entirety here, but the 16 charts that precede the moment of birth, include what is known as a Ties Chart, or the T-Epoch of Ties, which occurs six-and-a-half months prior to birth. In the role of the eliminator, Pluto is the planet that governs this epoch. It is at or near the T-Chart that the Soul elects to stay or go, and where abortions or miscarriages occur.

At about five months prior to the birth moment there is a chart for the A-Epoch of Animation. The Buddhists teach us that this is “The Quickening,” the moment in the gestation process where the fetal heart starts to beat, or the point where the soul commences to enter the physical vehicle. Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that it is in the fourth month that the baby starts to kick. This ties in with “The Quickening,” and could be said to be the moment where the human being actually comes alive.

Given the fact that the first chart in the series of prenatal charts is erected 11 months prior to the birth chart we could argue the point. Two months prior to conception the Soul enters the U-Epoch of Understanding. This marks the moment in time when the incoming soul portions off a piece of its psychic energy to form the etheric template for its lower consciousness in the mother’s womb. This could definitely be seen as the moment that life begins—but, who knows? Arguing about things gets us nowhere and becomes pointless when we are ignorant of the laws that govern life on Planet Earth.

If the kids that I was eavesdropping upon had been better informed, instead of hassling each other over the question of “When is a human being officially considered to be alive?”, they could have been talking about the physics of reincarnation or having an interesting discussion about the complex series of choices that every Soul has to make before they make their formal entrance into the third dimension.

It’s too bad none of us are allowed to access the books that are stored in the Vatican Library – and it’s too bad that our educational system is not designed to enlighten us or help us to penetrate the deeper mysteries. But, there is a ton of research that has gone into the study of prenatal astrology. If you delve deep enough what you find will blow your mind. If you are interested in finding out more about prenatal astrology, Charles Jayne’s “Preface to prenatal charts” is a good place to start. Let me leave you with that, pray that all of the above doesn’t rattle your pro life and pro choice cages too much, and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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