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Weekly Horoscopes for Aug. 25-31, 2021


March 21 – April 20

It’s important for you to recognize your own limits. Perhaps you’re simply too busy, juggling all the tasks and doing all the things. It’s natural for you to take a lot on all at once, especially because you cannot resist a challenge. That being said, taking a more strategic approach to your tasks and obligations can help ensure you don’t burn out. Remember, it’s OK to rest if your spirit needs it, and that doesn’t mean you’ve given up.


July 21 – August 20

Money is a curious thing. We spend so much of our time earning it, worrying about it or in battle with it. My question to you is, how much time do you spend analyzing it? If you’ve been burying your head in the sand about cash, stop. The more intimate you can become with your own money psychology, the more likely you’ll reach your financial aspirations. Carve out some time this week to get up close and personal about your situation.


November 21 – December 20

It’s your professional life as well as your major life plans that are under the cosmic radar at the moment. Your overall life picture may look a little different than you thought it would right now. Despite that, you’ve got the opportunity to re-imagine it and dive into something more meaningful and truthful than ever before. One caveat, though, it may be necessary to change your concept of truth, especially as facts may shift, change, or not be totally clear.


April 21 – May 20

Prioritizing fun is spotlighted for you right now. I realize there is a lot of pressure professionally for you to produce or perform, but you need to remember to smell the roses. The work will always be there, but the opportunities, both large and small, to make special memories don’t come every day. A child, a creative outlet or personal pursuit or even your love life may need a little extra attention. Be sure to make time to give it. 


August 21 – September 20

Happy Birthday Virgo! As your solar season begins, it’s time to celebrate yourself! Let go of the doubts, the worries or perceived inadequacies. You are perfectly imperfect! Embrace curiosity, enchantment, wonder. Let go of the old beliefs that feel limiting. Make a promise to yourself this week that your future self will thank you for. Once you’ve decided what it is that you want, do everything in your power to manifest it. You are so much more powerful than you realize.


December 21 – January 21

Finding meaning, purpose or some kind of spiritual path in life can be confusing, but at the same time, oh-so life-affirming. Right now, you might have some doubts or uncertainties about something you once thought to be true. If that is the case, lean into it. Get more curious, explore the magic of it all. If something captures your interest, then dive right in and leave no stone unturned. Love, truth and beauty is all around, when you know where to look.


May 21 – June 20

If you’ve been questioning your current domestic situation recently, you might arrive at a conclusion this week. Mercury, your patron planet, makes curious connections to both Neptune and Pluto over the next several days. Rather than fuss about all the details, how about considering your dream life and what your soul really wants? Once you figure that out, dive deep and leave no stone unturned in order to achieve your desired result. The answers will arrive when you look beyond the here and now.


September 21 – October 20

New alliances and agreements can be made this week, especially those of a long-term or enduring nature. There is one caveat, though, just because someone wants something you have to offer doesn’t mean you have to willingly surrender it in order to keep the peace. While it may not feel like it, you have the upper hand in this. You are fully within your power to stand your ground and not settle for less. Decide what you want before negotiations begin.


January 21 – February 20

Much of the time, your principled ideals and your fixed opinions can make you a force to be reckoned with. There is a certain power in staying true to one’s convictions. The question is this week, to what extent does being that way shield you from the love, support or affection you actually desire? There is someone who wants to strike a balance with you or come to an arrangement that will likely to be your benefit, but you will need to compromise.


June 21 – July 20

The more you know, the farther you’ll go, and that is true of your astrology right now. The problem is, where you might like to go isn’t as easy as it once was. Regardless of what battles you might be facing in your life right now, the more you know yourself, the easier it is to overcome them. If you feel curious, then explore a pet topic of interest. Read all the books, listen to the podcasts. Information is power.


October 21 – November 20

Your social radar gets an additional signal boost with the Sun’s entrance in Virgo. You may be enjoying the company of good friends or establishing online allies. Conversations may lead to wonder that can inspire you toward future possibilities. Be mindful of allowing imagination to run wild too much, though, at least not to the extent that it defies logic, loyalty or honesty, as these are imperative right now. If in doubt, drop into your feelings, as they always reveal your ultimate truth.


February 21 – March 20

Your relationship sector continues to be under the cosmic spotlight. It may be helpful to remember that other people in your personal or professional life don’t always see life through the lens of magic that you do. Despite that, your ability to feel the emotion between the words can help someone feel heard and understood. Most of the time, it’s not even about the words, but their meaning. Words have power, but remember the feelings are yours to choose.


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