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Watch your karmic septic tank

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Void-of-Course Gemini Moon. The Moon will enter Cancer at around 2 p.m. on Monday and will be within orb of a conjunction with the Trans-Neptunian Point, Hades, by 6 a.m. on Tuesday. This would be enough to rattle our cages. Things are bound to get even gnarlier, because Hades is currently involved in a long term T-Square with Lucifer and Saturn. With the Moon casting a waning shadow on this collection of tyrants, don’t be surprised if all Hell breaks loose. From what I can see, anyone born on, or near, the following dates will bear the brunt of this planetary picture:

March 28, May 13, May 14, June 28, Aug.,16, Aug. 17, Sept. 30, Nov. 15, Nov.16, Dec. 28, Feb. 12, Feb. 13.

To give you an obvious example of how this configuration is playing out: Brett Kavanaugh was born on Feb. 12. His story has been all over the news of late and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s common knowledge that this man is going through the karmic nutcracker right now.

Keep in mind that this is not a short-term transit. All three bodies will be in our faces from now through the New Year. Because Saturn happens to be the warden and the timekeeper in the Third Dimension, my hunch is that things will be at their highest pitch throughout the month of November, and continue into early December. During that time The Grim Reaper will trigger the tension that exists between Lucifer and Hades. There will be continued tension through the month of January 2019, due to an extended 90-degree aspect between Lucifer and Hades.

Dates to keep an eye on will include: Nov. 4-5, Nov. 10-11, Nov.18-19, Nov.25-26, Dec.1-2, Jan.1-15

So how does all of this translate in real time? Lucifer is the Dark Angel, the Lord of the Underworld, or the undercover agent who exposes us to all of our deepest issues. Hades is the pits of hell. It is where we come up against the consequences of every mistake we’ve ever made. It brings us to the bottom line where we have to swim around in the filth that has trickled down into our karmic septic tank. Hades often puts us in situations where we are forced to deal with the lowest common denominator. Under this influence, bad people and things show up to lie, cheat, and steal, and undermine everything we hold dear.

When Lucifer and Hades are 90-degrees away from each other, their worst attributes are accentuated. As Saturn continues his passage through Capricorn, he will move to oppose Hades and square Lucifer. Because Saturn is the archetype who metes out justice here in the Third Dimension, we can rest assured that all of our darkest chickens will be coming home to roost.

I have no way to verify this because my ephemeris only goes back 2,000 years, but I suspect that this configuration has not been in play since the fall of Babylon. Going back a little further, I would venture to guess that these three bodies assumed this same angular relationship during the Fall of Atlantis – unfortunately, I have no way to prove it, but if I am right, what we are looking at is a 21st Century deluge.

So how do we navigate our lives at times like this? Is there a prescription or a guidebook to tell us what to do? I am pretty sure that our instructions are unique to each of us, and that they are planted in the experiences that are staring us in the face right now. Whenever we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, the truth becomes more important than anything else. The problem with most humans is that it’s very hard for us to see it, let alone tell it. As much as I know that the truth is what sets us free, I have no idea what connecting with it means for anyone but myself. Of late my own story has brought me to hell and back in one piece, and my best advice would be to say, Don’t be afraid to go there.

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  1. I just read “Watch you karmic septic tank” and the article gave specific birthdates which whom will be more subseptable to this transit. My birthdate is November 15 th. Any advice on how to keep grounded during this transit, and how to grow from it.

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