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VSNIP helps control dog and cat overpopulation with low-cost options

The Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program, “VSNIP,” is a low-cost spay neuter program for those who qualify for a state-funded social assistance program.
The fact is that one cat and all her offspring, in seven years, has the potential to multiply to 420,000 offspring and dogs to 62,000! Euthanasia is no longer the solution to this once long existing problem of cat and dog overpopulation. The answer is providing affordable sterilization and educating pet owners to its importance.
VSNIP subsidizes spaying and neutering costs from a $4 surcharge on dog licensing fees. This small fee goes into a designated fund allowing those eligible to have their animals neutered and vaccinated at a substantial reduced cost to them. Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society helped draft legislation in 1995 creating the program.
Applicants must be income-eligible. Based on eligibility, the applicant will be issued a voucher and can schedule an appointment with one of VSNIP’s participating veterinary offices. At the time of surgery, the client will provide the voucher and a copayment of $27 per animal. If denied, applicants are provided with a list of low-cost spay and neuter clinics held throughout the state.
The voucher and copayment represent payment in full for the pre-surgical examination, surgery, anesthesia, pain medication, removal of sutures, one series of distemper vaccinations and one rabies vaccination.
To obtain applications, pet owners may go to to download and print an application, and view frequently asked questions and a list of participating veterinarians. Forms can also be found at participating veterinary offices, social service agencies, humane societies, and town offices.
VSNIP is a program of the Vermont Department for Children & Families, and administered by Vermont Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society.

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