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Vote Rodrigue for Senate

Dear Editor,
When election day arrives in November, I will be casting my vote for Vermont State Senate for Korrine Rodrigue. I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Rodrigue well over the last several years through her leadership in Project VISION, and I can think of no one more competent to serve Rutland County in Montpelier.
Rutland County has long been second or third fiddle to Chittenden County and the Montpelier area, and it’s time for more leadership from the county to ensure our concerns are heard. Rodrigue will ensure Rutland County has a real voice, and her focus on data-driven analysis will be a real benefit to the entire state as we address issues including opiate addiction, crime, and economic development. Korrine’s record as a researcher for the University of Miami, while living right here, which has been invaluable to local and regional police, will be of equal benefit to the entire state.
Korrine Rodrigue will provide fact-based votes on critical issues, while working with leaders from both sides of the aisle to find real solutions.
If you care about Rutland County and agree that we need a strong leader in Montpelier, join me in supporting Korrine Rodrigue.
Joan Gamble, Rutland

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