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Vote no on Prop. 5

Dear Editor,

Deceptively labeled with such noble sounding phraseology as “The Reproductive Liberty Amendment,” Prop. 5/Article 22 has nothing to do with reproduction. Its central purpose is all about the liberty to continue to harm women and kill babies at any stage of pregnancy, even up to birth. We must never forget that despite every passionate argument in favor of abortion, the bottom line is that abortion intentionally kills innocent and defenseless preborn human children in the womb. How else can you rationalize murdering them unless you first dehumanize them? Have we not yet learned this lesson from history? How else can you justify inflicting such unspeakable harm upon human babies who are intentionally dismembered, crushed, and poisoned to death by abortion?

We must never minimize the turmoil or anguish experienced by those facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies. They should not be vilified or criminalized, but compassionately supported with love and truth. Rather, it is Planned Parenthood and the politicians and abortionists manipulated into supporting the massive abortion industry who should be held responsible. Instead of telling moms the lie that the life growing inside is not a developing human baby, but merely a clump of cells or blob of pregnancy tissue, every available option to save the life of their child should be offered to them. This includes showing them ultrasounds which absolutely reveal the reality and humanity of their baby in the womb; and presenting to them the life-affirming alternatives of carrying their baby to full-term and birth; adoption; pregnancy resource centers; and Safe Haven. It is not a matter of pitting the mother against her baby or the baby against her mother. We are to love them both.

It is significant that Feb. 8—the day Prop. 5 passed in the Vermont House—to Nov. 8—Election Day, is exactly nine months. May this normal period of unterminated gestation be a sign of the beginning of the end of abortion in Vermont. May the truth of the sanctity of all human life come to full-term in the minds and hearts of every person so that, just as slavery was abolished after having been accepted as the norm for so long, abortion would become unthinkable, and the truth of its horrific violence and cruelty towards women and children would be self-evident. This is why it is so imperative we vote no to Prop. 5/Article 22 when we see it on the ballot.

Martin Green, Morrisville

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