Vote Kesha Ram for lieutenant governor

Dear Editor,

As a former legislator, I would like to help you get to know Kesha Ram, a candidate for lieutenant governor in the upcoming primary.

Kesha Ram was my seat mate in the House of Representatives, and though far younger than I, 26 years old at the time, she was already an experienced legislator who spoke with strength and conviction. She once shared an opinion piece she wrote to her L.A. newspaper when she was in middle school, so she has political activism in her blood.

Ram wants to see improvements in quality child care access for working moms, affordable housing for single heads-of-household and more, and successfully got legislation passed to help first time home buyers achieve their dreams. Kesha Ram is a champion for diverse communities whose members share equal civil rights under the law.

I know that her passions, which started to flourish while a student at UVM, have served the legislature well, I can see that she is ready for the leadership required of a lieutenant governor, acting as governor when the governor is out of state or country, and presiding over the senate.

She will do so with surprising confidence and wisdom for a young candidate, or indeed any candidate. She is qualified and ready.

Anne Gallivan, Chittenden (former Representative for Rutland-Windsor 1)

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