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Vermont Public needs different name

Dear Editor,

Why is it that modern name changes leave us so much in the dark about organizations and their legacy? For instance some of the local hospitals have given up the names of their medical benefactors of yesteryear. Instead of Mary Fletcher or Bishop DeGoesbriand or Fannie Allen, we now have UVM Medical Center. Mary Hitchcock lost out to Dartmouth Health.

There is, however, at least one good example in our region of keeping a legacy. Does anyone remember that Peter Bent Brigham, who founded a hospital in Boston, was actually a Vermonter? So was his nephew, Robert Breck Brigham, who also founded a hospital. They were both born at Bakersfield. Look up Brigham and Women’s Hospital for further enlightenment.

Their name, Brigham, lives on, at least for now. To my point today, we now have Vermont Public. That is…Vermont Public what? Is it Vermont Public Libraries? Vermont Public Utilities? Vermont Public Toilets? What is it?

If “radio” and “television” are no longer appropriate names at the very least we could call it “Vermont Public Media.” We all are not so busy that we can’t spare the time to say it. “Media” provides insight into what exactly this organization is, and “Vermont Public” reminds us of its long and storied history.

Why can’t we in Vermont do at least as well as our friends in Boston? That’s what I want to know.

Judith L. Howland,

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