Vermont needs a carbon tax

Dear Editor,

This week world leaders and 200 scientists have decided on a plan to address climate change, the largest problem humankind has ever had to deal with. We Vermonters also are addressing the same social dilemma. It is simple: either we rest on our laurels and just wait to see what the world will be like for our children, or we stand up, take action, and do what we know we have to do.

Vermonters pulled together to help one another after the devastating effects of climate change were actualized with Tropical Storm Irene. It is time we the good citizens pull together and encourage our leaders to put a price on carbon pollution. We need to stop allowing the fuel producers and distributors to profit from pollution, while we and the environment pay for it. We can profit from pollution prevention with a carbon tax. The revenue generated would stay here in the state, improving our communities. Businesses and individuals would benefit with tax cuts and rebates. Jobs would be created in clean energy technologies. We would be creating a positive cycle of reducing our emissions as well as keeping money in our pockets.

In case you missed it, earlier this month representatives of Energy Independent Vermont’s broad coalition of businesses, environmental groups, low-income advocates, religious leaders and working Vermonters delivered over 25,000 petitions asking legislators to “tackle global warming and save Vermonters money by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.”

The petition urges legislators to “take action by putting a price on carbon pollution and creating an Energy Independence Fund to help us save money, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and create jobs.” Let’s let our representatives know that we support climate action globally and right here at home. Email your representative(s) today!

Please get all the facts on the carbon pollution tax bill at: www.energyindependentvt.org.

Energy Independent Vermont has put together an easy-to-use tool so emailing your reps only takes seconds.

Diora Kania, Randolph

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