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Vermont lock down will have a long impact

Dear Editor,

My wife and I live in West Virginia have traveled and skied at Killington for 30 years since we retired have made a trip in the fall and between four to five trips in the winter. With the Vermont restrictions we canceled our trip and went to the smoky mountains in Tennessee for the leaves. We are also going to ski elsewhere this winter. We live on five acres have low exposure, take care of my wife’s 90-year-old parents, but are lumped into the other 97% of the United States for traveling to Vermont. If Vermont doesn’t reconsider these restrictions, I think this may hurt tourism for years to come. Also a large part of the homes and condos are owned by people who are not Vermont residents. Are they going to keep them out? We don’t know if we’ll ever come back.

Chip and Amy Ernst

West Virginia

4 comments on “Vermont lock down will have a long impact

  1. Good. If you are petty enough in these trying times to be concerned about whether or not you can come up here on vacation you are the type of person that I don’t want in my state anyway. We’re just trying to keep ourselves safe by following restrictions that y’all should have had in place weeks and months ago in your states.

  2. Are you seriously trying to make Vermonters feel bad that you can’t come here to ski? We couldn’t care less about your vacation or your condo. We don’t need anyone in our state that doesn’t permanently live here until a vaccine is available. Blame your own state and rest of the country for not following our lead to minimize exposure rates. We are protecting our own during this time and don’t care about your ski trips. Stay out until further notice. If you don’t ever return, we honestly don’t care.

  3. Simply put, we don’t want to import the virus from areas that have high infectivity rates. You can come to Vermont but you need to quarantine for 14 days before you venture out. This isn’t about your skiing. It’s about protecting our population (which happens to be aging).

  4. So us Vermonters are suppose to risk our health and/or life so you can come to our state to vacation? I hope our Governor isn’t that stupid.

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