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U.S. Open Athlete Profiles

Dakotah Norton

Age: 26
From: Davison MI but resides in Knoxville, Tenn.
Years riding: 4 years.

Why I ride? I love riding downhill, but the life that my bike has made for me is amazing. Traveling around the globe and riding with my friends has been more than I could have asked for.

Heather  Nicole Munive

Age: 27. Almost 28.
Years riding : 1 year.

Most recent race: It was the Pro GRT in Mountain creek New Jersey. I ended up 6th after a crazy wet and slippery race run down the mountain.
Why I ride: I raced a series of enduro last year and absolutely loved it. Although once I quickly learned that in downhill racing there were no climbs I was sold! Don’t get me wrong, enduro racing is so much fun as well. But I do like being able to really pick my lines and dial in the track before racing.

Caroline Washam

Age: 30
From: Mooresville, North Carolina.
Years riding? 3 years.

Most recent race: Placed second in downhill at US Nationals in West Virginia July 21-22.
Why I ride? It was really hard but super exhilarating. I love racing because it allows me to get outside of my comfort zone.It pushes me to do stuff that I wouldn’t think I was normally capable of.

Will Goody

Age: 21
Years riding: I have been racing downhill for two seasons.

Most recent race: The last downhill race I attended was the Killington Pro GRT and I placed 3rd in Cat 1.
Why I ride: The best thing about downhill mountain biking for me is being up on the mountain in the summer and riding with friends from near and far. There is nothing better than party laps with a crew!

Samantha Soriano

Age: 17
From: Colorado
Years riding: 1 year.

Most recent race: 2018 National Championships/ I won my first -Pro women’s national champion title
Why I ride: Downhill mountain biking is such an exhilarating sport. You are constantly being kept on your toes, making split decisions to where the best line is, and I think that’s why I love it. You never know what you are going to get when it comes to how difficult the course is going to be. The sport has taken me to places that I have dreamed of going and to be able to race my bike in them makes it pretty much a dream come true as cliche as it sounds. The community makes it all the better and I have met people that I consider to be my closest friends through mountain biking.

Neko Mulally

Age: 25
Years riding: 8 years.

Most recent race: First place at National Championships in West Virginia last weekend
Why I ride: You and your bike competing against the mountain and the clock.

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