‘Tis the season for “cuffing”

As the winter months approach, the sun sets early and the nights get colder. Even coffee shops have switched from pumpkin spice lattes to red holiday cups. Single or in a relationship, everyone would rather stay inside and be warm. Even the thought of hitting the bars can simply be too exhausting. In the spring and summer it’s a lot easier to date but once the winter hits, the dating cycle gets more complicated. There is a certain desire, maybe even longing, to find a companion before the cold weather comes to stay.

Apparently, there is a name for this. It’s called “cuffing season” and it is in full swing. It’s the time when lots of people search in earnest for a significant other—even if it is only for as long as the season lasts. “Cuff” can be used as a verb or noun (why not, this use is not in the dictionary anyway) and it apparently came from the noun “hand-cuffed” and represents the desire to be “cuffed” to a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged time indoors causes many singles (not just me!) to become lonely and desperate to be “cuffed.”

It makes me feel like a bear–I just want to find a cuddle buddy during the winter hibernation months, someone to watch Netflix with and chill when it’s too cold to ski or go out for drinks with friends.

Cuffing begins as soon as the weather turns cold and lasts through the holiday season: Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s day, minimally. In the spring, it’s time to break up. “Cuffed” relationships are short lived. Warm weather, longer days and the promise of summer fuel renewed energy to date.

But it’s early December now. So, if you’re single, it’s time to go cuff hunting! The places to meet your cuff are the same as usual: Tinder, Bumble, meetup.com, upscale grocery store, local coffee shop, Killington chairlift, gym (one of my favorites, as you know he or she will stay fit during winter months), trivia night, trendy bars, through friends, etc.

I’ve noticed on my Tinder account lately that there’s been an up-tick of guys, and they are more eager to talk for longer periods of time and will follow up the next day or want to go out on a date. Now that I’m calculating, the number of date requests have doubled in the last few weeks!

Maybe one of them will be my cuff this winter, someone I can look forward to being snowed in with. (Extreme weather events are definitely something to look forward to!) If I don’t find a person to cuff this winter, perhaps I’ll at least have a “blizzard buddy?” We could ski powder all day, then get snowed in that afternoon and “cuff” the night away. Baby, it’s cold outside!

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