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Time to get back on track, choose wisely

By Cassandra Tyndall

There are times when the more you push, the more things seem to happen. Then there are other times, when the more you push, the more resistance you face. Straddling the balance between the personal will and the cosmic weather can be a point of frustration. It pays to remember from time to time, a jockey can only go as fast as their horse.

That being said, any stalemate you felt you’ve been caught in is likely to begin shifting as the week matures. As the Sun got caught between 2021’s signature alignment between Saturn and Uranus, it made reminded us of the tension between the familiar and the new.

As Mercury and Venus change signs, it’s likely that whatever was slow or stuck will soon regain pace. Issues involving communication, logistics, data, travel and money may show signs of getting back on track. Before that happens though, Venus connects with Pluto, then Jupiter – two planets associated with wealth, who played a big part of the 2020 astrological signature. Before the pace shifts gears again, you might like to ask yourself what it is you really want, and start believing you’re worthy of it.

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