Three cheers for Jim Haff

Dear Editor,

Hip hip hooray for Jim Haff’s excellent run for Selectboard. Jim, you stuck to the issues, and with honesty and integrity you made your case for a better Town of Killington.

Hip hip hooray for Jim Haff’s attention to details. Jim, again, you brought attention to the “mistakes” in this year’s Town Book including the lack of disclosure of significant Town debts and shortfalls in funding appropriate capital reserves to protect our Town’s current infrastructure.

Hip hip hooray for Jim Haff’s self-control. You stayed above the fray without responding to the various unwarranted attacks and insults. Jim, your 200+ votes show a lot of support for you and your various position that ultimately support the Town of Killington.

Jim, you are a trusted resource for a lot people on a lot of matters dealing with the Town of Killington. Please keep up the great work and remember, this not a sprint but a marathon.

Steve Selbo, Bridgewater

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