Mother's celestial inspirations

Our thoughts turn to love

By Cal Garrison a.k.a Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out on the eve of Valentine’s Day, under the light of a Taurus Moon. True love is in the air! There is so much more to this holiday than meets the eye – and thank God for that because it gives me a chance to talk about what’s really going on, underneath all the chocolate and flowers. The words that follow are excerpted from an article that I wrote back in 2012, called Hearts and Flowers. I hope that they inspire your mind and open your heart to the creative potential that is stirring up the etheric matrix this week:

What I love most about February is that halfway through the month, by some strange coincidence, Valentine’s Day brings our attention to the heart…If we have come to think of this holiday in terms of a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and a candlelight dinner with our sweetheart, it’s because no one told us that it goes much deeper than that.

I have never been into the romantic BS that gets promoted on Valentine’s Day; even when I was young and stupid it didn’t make any sense to me…Being an overly analytical person, years of not caring about these things just so happened to coexist with a burning desire to know why the rest of the world is so hung up on them; and this curiosity led me far enough into the Valentine Mysteries to discover that underneath it all, it is what comes out of the Earth at the Mid-Winter cross quarter that makes our thoughts turn to love on Feb. 14.

Why does the sap start running in February? And what about the milk; why do all of the warm blooded animals fill up with the mother tincture that supplies the next generation’s milk? What makes the birds know that it’s time to start singing their love songs? What triggers these things?

We know it isn’t Saint Valentine; he and ‘The Groundhog’ are Christian inventions who wound up here by default. They have absolutely nothing to do with it. The only thing we have to go by is the totem for Saint Valentine’s feast day, and what do you know; it comes in the shape of a heart. Whatever that image has come to mean to us, at its core it is only love. With that amount of information anyone willing to take a wild guess would be right on the money if they answered all of the questions in the previous paragraph by saying; ‘it is love that triggers these things.’

I got into magic back in 1964.  If I thought I had it all figured out, or thought that the Wiccan thing was all there was to it, I didn’t really get the picture until about 20 years ago, when I started exploring the mysteries of the human heart. In that time I have discovered that the creation process begins inside us, in a tiny space that lies hidden inside the heart. Whenever we enter that space, the visions that appear form the ‘stuff’ that our dreams and our lives are made of. Like the sap that rises into the trees, those visions flow upward, and in a process that gets stimulated by the tongue, whatever they consist of gets projected via the Pineal and Pituitary Glands out onto the spheres of consciousness.

If we wanted to we could spend the coming weeks exchanging love notes and playing the games that people play whenever Saint Valentine and Cupid arrive on the scene.  Give it some thought. The heart is always there and it is timed to her rhythms.  The flood of love that is already pouring out of the Great Mother is full of life. This carrier wave has enough raw female power to turn on the Sun. Seen in that light, there is no better time than now to include everything we envision, for ourselves and for the planet, in with the love that is flowing out of her heart.”

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