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This week is a “ train wreck ” no matter how you slice it

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Libra Moon, with a bunch of aspects that have us hog-tied to some pretty rough stuff. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of hearing myself talk about it. With that in mind, I will keep my comments to a minimum, and try to look at the glass as half full.

Within a Cat’s Cradle of tight squares and oppositions there is a Grand Trine between Mercury, Chiron, and Mars. God knows what it’s ultimate meaning might be, but it shows me that whatever’s going on, we are at a point where we have developed the capacity to see things differently enough to take a wider view. God knows, we need this right now, because, whether you look at it from the personal or the collective angle, the whole ball of wax is coming down.

As I say this, I am looking at a series of aspects, the centerpiece being showcased in a conjunction between Mercury, Venus, Psyche, and Siva, forming an opposition to Lilith, and a 90-degree connection to Uranus and Ceres. This reads as “train wreck,” no matter how you slice it. Putting a happy face on stuff like this requires a spiritual perspective and enough wisdom to know when it’s time to sit back and watch everything get brought down, just far enough to return to integrity. When life gets like this, some situations are smoother than others.

At this point our relationship to the values of the past is going through a divorce. That love affair fizzled out in the 50s. The yoke of belief goes down hard, and everything is subject to the law of time. The fact that we are only now waking up to this, is just the way things go here.

The relationship paradigm, along with all of the stuff that we’ve got going on about money is also getting sideswiped by this configuration. With the asteroid Psyche sitting on top of everything – Eee-yi-yi! Psyche tweaks the primary wounds, Siva dredges all of them up, and Venus and Mercury transfer the shock to the systems that rule our mindset and all of the beliefs we hold about money and love. This influence introduces a wacko element that makes it difficult for even the most self-aware person to remain objective to their situation.

With Lilith in the picture, prepare for themes of infidelity, competition, and third-party interference. How we make it through the night is totally up to us. This is a huge free-will moment, in which the opportunity to let the truth set us free is there for all of us to unleash in our lives or not. If there was ever a time to drop all the bullshit and live as if we knew what it meant to walk our talk, it’s now.

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