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The sky is not falling despite planetary trines

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Virgo Moon, in the wake of a series of aspects that have led more than one person to write and ask me if the “Sky is Falling:” No kidding. Evidently, there are a number of astrologers who are advising people to run for cover.

In the past few weeks I have been getting tons of worried sounding letters asking me to say something about a chain of alignments that include oppositions between Saturn in Sagittarius and the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Gemini, and a hard square between Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Aries.

To tell you the truth I don’t pay as much attention to what other people have to say about astrology as I used to. It’s an arena that is filled with too many dilettantes and hawkers of erroneous information for anyone who is searching for some semblance of truth to know for sure if what is being said has any truth to it at all. It’s also a tough subject to write about. It’s even tougher to find someone who can explain it in plain English.

As these letters started rolling in I realized I’d better dig a little deeper to see what everyone was talking about, and it was the above series of aspects that was causing all the hub-bub. Thinking about how to explain this I am here to say that many astrologers fall prey to the need to ‘over interpret’ aspects that, in the grand scheme of things, are really no big deal. Regarding the ‘stuff’ that was being said about the Saturn oppositions and the Uranus square, if you want to evaluate the relative intensity of a transit, it helps to consider how slowly or quickly these transits pass us by:

1) The Sun in opposition to Saturn is a transit whose effects last about three days. It happens once a year.

2) The same goes for the Mercury/Saturn opposition.

3) As far as Saturn opposing Mars is concerned, that transit lasts no longer than four days. It occurs every two and a half years.

4)  As Venus moves away from its square to Uranus, I am noting that it took only two days for that aspect to complete itself this time.

As much as every tiny aspect is part of a Gestalt that weaves time and history together, it is important to take everything any astrologer, including myself, says with a grain of salt. When someone puts out an astrological report that includes an over dose of fear and gloom, you can be sure that they are over interpreting a situation that, if they knew their stuff, they probably wouldn’t even bother to comment on.

In the case of all of the aspects listed above, they might generate a day or two of hassles and a few snafus — but, trust me; none of them are big enough to set the world on fire. It’s always good to remember that life is not happening to you; you, are happening to it. Within difficulty, it is in the center column of the still point inside us that the answer to everything can be found.

As far as what’s going on in the sky right now is concerned, what can I say? It doesn’t look that bad to me. The same planets that are getting hassled by Saturn are trining the Moon’s North Node, Jupiter and Juno are trining Uranus, and Venus is trining Chiron. There are other bodies involved, and there’s always more to it than that, but what I see is that if we are in any way stressed out by the restrictions of the old paradigm, we are totally ready to open ourselves to a whole new set of values and a whole new way of doing things.

Let me leave you with that thought, and tell you to keep it in mind as you enjoy this week’s ‘scopes and consider your place in the scheme of things.

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  1. Thanks to yu Your not a hesterical scamer screamer the last two days proved me right about you several yrs ago when I found and chose u

  2. Thank you for your clear, relevant interpretations in your weekly analysis. You are the BEST and CLEAREST and ACCURATE astrologer that, in my 82 years, I have encountered. Blessings to you and deep thanks.

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